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Welcome to ABERLE Custom Aircraft. We are purveyors of fine aircraft. We build, maintain, overhaul and modify in nearly any way one might conceive- to provide for the improvement of the general aviation aircraft upon which we work.

Company Particulars                                                                   

Aberle Custom Aircraft is staffed by technicians with over 50 years combined experience in general aviation fabrication, construction and maintenance.  Our staff includes third and fourth generation mechanics and aviators. We carry our legacy proudly, and constantly maintain our commitment to quality workmanship.

Our involvement in racing aircraft development has provided us with respect for the performance and reliability aspects of our products.  We attempt to impart this respect in all that we produce.  The result is that our clientele benefit from the rigors of racing experience.  We call it 'Performance Engineering'.

We have served many owners who could not otherwise obtain FAA approval for one or another installation or modification to their aircraft.  Our extensive experience places us in a unique position with regard to such problem