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Welcome to ABERLE Custom Aircraft. We are purveyors of fine aircraft. We build, maintain, overhaul and modify in nearly any way one might conceive- to provide for the improvement of the general aviation aircraft upon which we work.

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Aberle Custom Aircraft is staffed by technicians with over 50 years combined experience in general aviation fabrication, construction and maintenance.  Our staff includes third and fourth generation mechanics and aviators. We carry our legacy proudly, and constantly maintain our commitment to quality workmanship.

Our involvement in racing aircraft development has provided us with respect for the performance and reliability aspects of our products.  We attempt to impart this respect in all that we produce.  The result is that our clientele benefit from the rigors of racing experience.  We call it 'Performance Engineering'.

We have served many owners who could not otherwise obtain FAA approval for one or another installation or modification to their aircraft.  Our extensive experience places us in a unique position with regard to such problems.  Our resources in this area are considerable.  Not always, but nearly so, we can do it!

Our primary location is in Southern California in the small community of FallbrookWe are fortunate to have nearly 365 days a year available for flying and functional testing of our products.  We fly the aircraft upon which we work. We feel this gives us a decided advantage over those who do not.

Over the years we have maintained affiliation with the following organizations- PRPA FAI EAA NAA NARA AOPA ABS ANS CPA

 tom@aberlecustomaircraft.com  for specifics on the airplane and our pricing. 

A true success story, built in 7(+) months, top qualifier at its first competition and top qualifier and winner in its first race (with new records in the class), PHANTOM will eclipse the competition for some time to come.  And, the new design propeller from Paul Lipps will assist others with their quest for more performance as well. 

                                          First win, Reno 2004, with new RECORDS.                                                                                         Over French Valley, Fall 2004

                   http://web.archive.org/web/20140427093423im_/http:/www.aberlecustomaircraft.com/62Reno-04.JPG                  http://web.archive.org/web/20140427093423im_/http:/www.aberlecustomaircraft.com/G8JQ3139.jpg

September 2006 Phantom set the new Sport Biplane speed record at 251.958 MPH! For many years this class was viewed as "entry level" in that it was the slowest class in competition at the National Championship Air Races & other racing events. With this new record that is no longer the case, and should Phantom reach our next goal we will eclipse yet another class. 

Our sponsors, National Aircraft Salvage (562 822-2794), Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company (877 477-7823) and BAR Racing (760 723-1731) appreciate your support!

Let's all go to the races, we'll see you at the - - - - 


Contact Us Aberle Custom Aircraft is available for consultation regarding YOUR needs.  Please feel free to contact us with any question regarding general aviation-racing-performance enhancement- modifications- overhaul- repair- rebuilding, or you name it?   Your challenge is our business!

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